Monday, March 22, 2010

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Monday, April 27, 2009

wholesaling at

we're now a registered seller in
will talk more about this very soon..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

grapevines-journey: THE BASICS

first of all, the grape sapplings from grape-growing-state of perlis courtesy of abang musa my pasar-tani trader.. he actually chose 3 types of grapes based on their fruit-colours (green, red and black) but forgot to write clearly on each sappling container which one is which, therefore we've mixed 2 sapplings together in one pot, and now left to wonder and anticipate the future colours of the fruits of our labour..

abang musa pointed out to us that the grape trees have 2 distinct shapes of leaves, and since we didn't know which tree sapplings bearing what colour of fruits, we've chosen to put together the sapplings having the most appealing shape of leaves to face the house frontage.. should our new grape trees still bearing sour fruits, the leaves would at least make the house look much nicer, eh..

the remaining 2 sapplings have been put together in a second pot to face the inside of the house.. seen here tending to them is my in-house gardener that i occasionally sleep with.. ;)
all 4 sapplings have been planted in 2 pots partly protected from direct rain-contact.. abang musa also told us that grape trees don't grow so well with too much water, infact they'd thrive so much better in dry seasons/areas..

the view of the newly constructed horizontal steel-hanger, circling the toproof gazebo at 3 sides.. the 4th remaining side is left for other/existing potted hanging plants..

the view of the steel-hanger against the clear blue sky as i was lying down on the floor doing my yoga stretches, and imagining the future outcomes of this latest grape-journey..

here's hoping for multi-coloured grapes that would be so much sweeter..

Monday, April 13, 2009

edible-garden: grapevines

last weekend we finally got our new set of grape-trees, 'imported' all the way from perlis, yaayy..

this grapevine-plans of ours were mooted eversince we had some extra spaces to play around with, and our first set of grape-trees were planted along the side garden in-between our 2 side-verandahs approximately 3-years ago.. a total length of 12-feet steel climber-fence was purposely/vertically put-up to cater to the growth of our grape trees, not knowing that once the grape-shoots climbed up to the top of the fence, they'd hover on and grow around the top of the fence only, leaving the rest of the vertical-fence bare..

hence our vertical climber design was proven not to be perfectly suitable for grape-vines afterall, but we tried to make the best of the situation by constantly and manually guiding downwards the growth/movements of new shoots.. the colours and shapes of the grape-leaves were appealing to our eyes and the fact that the trees would start fruiting whenever we talked about getting rid of them, have made us decide to just let them be where they are and let them continue being a part of our garden-scapes..

on the upside of things, the sour grapes (above-photos) that they'd kept bearing over the past one year could actually make excellent substitutes for 'belimbing besi' in my cooking and 'masak lemak kuning' dishes, eh..?? mmm.. ;)

so 3-years passed by, and our grape-vines are still not some nice-looking vines at all.. ;(

so 3-years passed by, and another grapevine-idea was mooted a few months ago.. ahh yes, why not try again and grow another set of grape-trees on the rooftop garden instead..?? and this time around, instead of vertical climber-fencing, we should build horizontal flat-climbers all around the toproof gazebo, so that the grapevines would grow all around the gazebo-roof horizontally, looking like extensions of the roof..?? and when they'd start fruiting, the grapes would be dangling down for easy pickings as we passed by under the climbers to sit underneath the gazebo..?? mmm, that sounds really really nice...

so another set of steel-structures were commissioned and constructed within the next few weeks.. flat horizontal steel-climbers on 3-sides of our toproof gazebo would be strong enough to hold another set of grape-trees for many many years to come.. and we envisioned how beautiful the gazebo would look like with grape-shoots, vines and fruits growing wild, branching out and dangling down.. and we can grow, pick and eat our own fresh homegrown grapes!! heavenly eh..??

but how do we get grapes that would taste sweet?? do we just buy seedlings/trees from any garden-nurseries around town?? what type of soils should we use?? any special fertilisers needed?? what type of weather conditions should we observe..?? this is our second grapevine-attempt, therefore we must strive to be more prepared and informed, to get better and sweeter results..

so we asked around among friends, relatives and strangers.. and eventually the trees that i got over the weekend were courtesy of our weekend pasar-tani-trader abang-musa hailing all the way from perlis.. who bought them from some handicapped grape grower residing in grape-growing-state-of-perlis..

our current grape-journey in photos soon, in next posting..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

eh, why haven't i been blogging??

wow, it's been approximately 2-weeks that i've neglected my blog..!!

i've actually been running away from an unpleasant and unresolved work issue.. i didn't want to think too much about it, hence, i went looking for other avenues to distract my mind and broaden my horizons..

i also created other things-to-do to sapp up all those negative-ions off my mind.. yeah, maybe the right time to update my contact-list?? help promote my alumni's upcoming reunion?? design new ceramic tablewares?? spring-clean my notebook files?? start my grape vineyard?? complete the will-listing?? meet up with future project-partner?? activate my facebook account??

ah yes, my blog now has my facebook-badge prominently featured on the top-right-end-corner, overshadowing all my other important business links.. and is that good or bad..?? kakteh should be able to tell me whether i've made the right move here, but i must admit that i've enjoyed facebooking the past 2-weeks.. in-between all those new things-to-do, yeah i've enjoyed facebooking a little bit too much to make me forget about blogging..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


no, no, no...
i did not do these ceramic pieces for avi-spa...
or having anything to do with their interior designs and/or furnishings..
i was just there recently enjoying foot, back and overall body massages 2 times/days in a row...
whilst enjoying the sea-views, breezes, sands and life's simple pleasures...
yeah, this body needs some pampering... ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pretty ugly: pretty closed..?!

i'm not sure what i'm doing here, but i was trying to tell a fellow blogger that i'd like to continue being one of her silent-readers by creating a link at her blog.. but unexpectedly a blogpost appearing in MY blog, instead..?? yes pugly? i'm doing this correctly, huh?? take care sis and good luck in your new beginnings..

pretty ugly: A New Beginning.