Monday, August 4, 2008

why do i blog??

i first started blogging in july 2007 to encourage my then 10 year old daughter melissa to read more.. a few weeks later as i re-discovered my passion for writing, i decided that i should blog for myself instead.. as i got deeper into my new passion, i discovered that i could actually make money by writing on whatever topics i like.. more researches on writing/blogging however highlighted my IT-illiteracies squarely on my face and pushed me back to what i should be doing & focusing: selling my own products..

so i started writing and blogging about my business, my then lack of IT-savviness and the technical problems i encountered in setting up my internet business.. not realizing that internet business or making money online are such strong keywords that could attract attention to my blogsite..

i started to have visitors and commentators in my blog in less than a month of passionately writing away to ease my confusions.. i was elated that some people had found my writings interesting, or maybe somewhat entertaining.. so i continued my cyber brainstorming-sessions rigorously for two months half-motivated by these commentaries..

but my main motivator for spending hours on end blogging during those earliest two months was still purely to clear my cluttered head of technical issues that had been bugging me for years.. after having established an internet presence through the setting up of my first website in 2004, and then re-directing my energy & production resources into my second website a few years later, i was still unable to pursue making sales automatically online.. and that really bugged me coz selling automatically online would definitely make my life easier & simpler..

i've blogged about why i blog a few times before, and why do i blog about it again now?? maybe i just want to go back to the basics that matter.. selling automatically online through my websites..

various hiccups and distractions have come & gone the past one year that i've been a blogger.. and that includes the 5-month hiatus immediately after the hijacks of my websites by unsavoury net-parties.. and the 3-months house-arrest that left me mentally-blocked and physically drained out to think about selling anything at all..

i must find my way back to those basics that matter now.. i must start selling automatically online.. yes!!!!

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