Wednesday, May 14, 2008

beruntung TILES..

beruntung tiles were designed during the construction of our new house in bukit beruntung approx. 3-4 years ago. we wanted to focus on supplying handmade ceramic tiles, therefore decided to use our new house as our pilot project to showcase to potential customers in the interior and architectural lines..

just prior to this, we were already designing and supplying these little pieces of handmade tiles to a few clients, and decided that making tiles were much more exciting and convenient than making ceramic vases and such bulky items!!

these beruntung tiles only came in 2x2" sizes, and portrayed 6 different geometrical motives as shown in the photo.. i'd have preferred that these motives were arranged in an adhoc manner, but my interior site-supervisor at that time (azizan, my brother-in-law!) specified to the tiler/s to arrange them nicely like this.. oh well, as long as it looks nice.. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, right..?? ;)

these tiles can be found in our toilet walls, kitchen backdrop and pool edges.. dear hubby was grinning ear to ear for having these tiles supplied free-of-charge, hence, didn't mind having them all over the house!!

more details of beruntung tiles in our website , but in this posting i'd just like to point out that the green-coloured material highlighting the geometric motives were actually melted glass.. crushed glass pieces from my empty green noni juice bottles!! when we ran out of noni bottles, we used 7-up bottles!! a unique way to re-cycle, huh...??
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

set of 3 ceramic vases..

i blog to increase my google ranking, therefore drive more traffic to my site, therefore get more exposure for my ceramic products.., right? hence the title above..

these ceramic vases were designed and produced so that the smallest vase can go inside the bigger vase, and both can fit inside the biggest of them all.. therefore reduce packing volume/materials and hopefully reduce delivery costs!!

design finishes used a combination of fired and non-fired colouring techniques.. the pucuk paku motives were carved then glazed before firing, the background embossed droplets were made when clayforms were still wet and soft, whilst the
antique black&copper finishings were done after baking was completed..

i experimented with plenty of design techniques to showcase my doodles and sketches, and after so many years of playing around with colours, patterns and textures.. the above finishes have become my most preferred choices, and as some of my customers have said.. my products' most distinguished character/s..
i've constantly strived to make running my business easier by simplifying and streamlining everything, including production.. my production team now only needs to know certain keywords to understand what i want to be hand-produced without me having to explain so much like i used to do..

this design collection is called Pucuk Crackles..
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Friday, May 9, 2008

my eyes teary, my nose blocked, my head hurts..

yes, i've been 'crying' the past 2hours, whilst i was uploading the photos of my ceramic leaves in my previous two postings.. thinking about the public disrespects and humiliations the present malaysian government is continuing giving to it's former PM, our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir.. :(

i'm no supporter of any political party, but i'm passionate about respecting your elders.. i'm constantly reminded of my own 74-yr old father still recuperating from stroke for the past (nearly) 2 years..

i posted a comment in dr. M's blog 2 hours ago re. ex-gratia payments to judges, my first ever 'communication' with him after decades admiring and looking up to him from afar.. and since then i've been going back and forth checking on further comments from other readers, but none was yet to be published after mine..

considering his previous postings attracted hundreds of comments, today's posting is stopping at comment number 31?? it's been 2 and a half hours now without follow-ups, maybe more comments coming soon..?

with the lack of follow-up comments after mine, i was 'forced' to re-read and re-read my own posting until my eyes bleed.. my nose blocked.. and now headaches developing..

how could the present leaders simply forget his many contributions the past 22 years, and instead pick on one issue after another just to embarrass and belittle him?? instead of enjoying his long overdue retirement like our fathers, dr. M is still fighting for malaysians..

my heart goes out to him.. teary eyes, red nose and all...

ceramic leaves, again..

i'm just having a lil bit of fun here.. coz i finally managed to upload a photo to my blog!! ;)

i attempted uploading a few times before but were always unsuccessful.. maybe it was my unstable internet connection.. or too many photos in one go.. or too impatient to wait awhile.. or whatever..
but i've made it today, yaayy...!! that should allow me to talk and talk further about my ceramic leaves, eii?? photos say it much better, huh? and this one shows the 2 different swaying movements of the leaves of same size..
these photos were taken recently as i was preparing delivery items for mark, my cabinet maker turning customer.. yes, these ceramic leaves will be showcased in mark's upcoming new york showroom..

ceramic leaves..

leaves made from ceramic clay, anyone??

we first designed and produced these leaves for the Starhill Pamper Floor refurbishment approx. 3 years ago.. 5 different sizes were done with 2 different swaying movements for each size.. and all of these were arranged around Starhill's structural columns on the 4th floor, starting from bottom of the columns going up as far as we could climb!! we were to show the leaves climbing up the round columns..
we sweated and toiled to finish up everything coz as always, orders from mr. baldip and his design team were always very very urgent.. my production team stayed up till the early hours of the morning firing/baking the items for more than a month!! any unacceptable breakages were rejected but being handmade products, most irregularities were pleasantly embraced..

Friday, May 2, 2008

beloved dr. mahathir..

yaaayyy.. my most favourite prime minister is now blogging too.. since yesterday!! will be among my favourite net-stop-overs too, despite me being not politically very interested and savvy about anything political.. i'm just a big supporter of the doctor, no matter what the others say.. ;)