Wednesday, March 25, 2009


no, no, no...
i did not do these ceramic pieces for avi-spa...
or having anything to do with their interior designs and/or furnishings..
i was just there recently enjoying foot, back and overall body massages 2 times/days in a row...
whilst enjoying the sea-views, breezes, sands and life's simple pleasures...
yeah, this body needs some pampering... ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pretty ugly: pretty closed..?!

i'm not sure what i'm doing here, but i was trying to tell a fellow blogger that i'd like to continue being one of her silent-readers by creating a link at her blog.. but unexpectedly a blogpost appearing in MY blog, instead..?? yes pugly? i'm doing this correctly, huh?? take care sis and good luck in your new beginnings..

pretty ugly: A New Beginning.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hoorraayyy.. we're now SELLING online!!! ;))

i will not be a perfectionist today, and will gladly accept what has finally been done & ammended by my web-designer the past week.. can finally accept online orders of our tile giftpacks, yaaaayyyy...!!!!

it's been a long, long, loooonnngg wait, therefore i'm just soooo relieved, eventhough some minor little tweaks here and there are still needed... but as long as the website is workable to take orders and receive online payments, those tweakings can be perfected in due time within the next few days...

i'm just feeling so happy and very proud of myself for finally completing this despite of all the hiccups and heartaches, alhamdulillah...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

entertaining at home

i've wanted to blog about dinner for 12 persons with 2 of my former schoolmates, their spouses and children that i hosted last friday 27th feb.. and also about my lunch with the famous radio personality of yester-years, kak-yong and her immediate family members, on the following sunday 1st march, also at my house..

entertaining friends at home has been our new passion the past 3-4 years, eversince moving to bukit beruntung for good.. mmm, maybe the extra dining & lepaking spaces around the house contributed highly to the development and nurturing of this new passion..

now that both events were already almost 2-weeks ago, i'd just instead post some of the photos i took.. not so much of my guests but of my table-settings, in the hope that some of my handmade ceramic tablewares & decorative items are 'accidentally' featured in the snapshots..!!!! ;)