Sunday, March 1, 2009

entertaining at home

i've wanted to blog about dinner for 12 persons with 2 of my former schoolmates, their spouses and children that i hosted last friday 27th feb.. and also about my lunch with the famous radio personality of yester-years, kak-yong and her immediate family members, on the following sunday 1st march, also at my house..

entertaining friends at home has been our new passion the past 3-4 years, eversince moving to bukit beruntung for good.. mmm, maybe the extra dining & lepaking spaces around the house contributed highly to the development and nurturing of this new passion..

now that both events were already almost 2-weeks ago, i'd just instead post some of the photos i took.. not so much of my guests but of my table-settings, in the hope that some of my handmade ceramic tablewares & decorative items are 'accidentally' featured in the snapshots..!!!! ;)


_deli said...

I was thinking of Kak-Yong few days back. Lebih kurang the same time you post the blog. Not that she knew me or heard of. Entah mengapa teringkatkan juga Busu then Bang Chik. That if we are talking about the same Kak-Yong.

Maya said...

Hey! I don't see your table settings. Perhaps you have taken down those pictures, eh?

The Ceramic Designer said...

yes deli, its the same kak yong, and her siblings and sis-in-law.. they were darling husband's childhood playmates in gedung lalang, and now our occasional weekend neighbours here in bb.. am not so sure whether busu/bang chik was/were her real-life siblings tho..

The Ceramic Designer said...

sorry maya!! delayed the postings of the photos due to some other things to attend to, but now they're all there for all to see.. mmmm, i think i need to design new dinner plates.. squarish, rectanglish perhaps...?? mmm..

_deli said...

Here's something that you might not know - gedung lalang was my neighbourhood too. I met your hubby two years after we moved there - in the boarding school, that is.

Our house was towards the main roads and his towards the brook. We went to different primary schools. Thats probably why we were not childhood playmates.

As for Busu and Bang Chik the were Kak Yong sparring partners on the air.

The Ceramic Designer said...

wksalam deli,
small world, kan??
fyi, i've been reading your pujanggas, and shedding my tears everytime i read the background stories behind them.. too sad sampai tak pernah tinggalkan any comments pun..

The Ceramic Designer said...

my personal creative notes for future dinners/lunches:
1. square or rectangle plates;
2. ethnic coasters;
3. rustic placemats;
4. 'heavier' table runners;
5. motived dessert forks;
6. coloured glasses;
7. jasmine strings;
8. long/trailing centrepieces;
9. chair decorations;
10. yeah, this is getting too much.. ;)

_deli said...

TCD, and to make the world even smaller - remember the piece from my 'pujangga' - my KN place in Laman Peel was two doors from your in-law, after they move to KL.

Keep on reading my 'pujangga'. Dont meant to be sappy, but they mostly are. Just make sure kleenex are available.