Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pretty ugly: pretty closed..?!

i'm not sure what i'm doing here, but i was trying to tell a fellow blogger that i'd like to continue being one of her silent-readers by creating a link at her blog.. but unexpectedly a blogpost appearing in MY blog, instead..?? yes pugly? i'm doing this correctly, huh?? take care sis and good luck in your new beginnings..

pretty ugly: A New Beginning.


pugly said...

You should've clicked on 'Post a Comment'. If you click on 'Create a Link', of course lah it's going to create an entry on your blog that links to my page.

Anyway, no worries. Will email you next week. But no one is allowed to be a silent reader anymore :-)

The Ceramic Designer said...

and an accidental visit by pugly, too??!!
yes, i wrote this post briefly and unintentionally, but the pug is one talented lady, so i don't mind and very glad to now be 'associated' with her.. ;)