Tuesday, March 4, 2008

my dear web designer..

i finished writing up the content and any relevant info needed for my new selling website exactly a month ago, just before chinese new year and immediately gave them to my web designer mr. kor. there were still some loose ends to tie up in a few places, but i was thinking with mr. kor starting work on it then, i would eventually finalise everything as he progresses..

but until now, even after my follow-up emails and smses, mr. kor hasn't responded with any quotations!! maybe he's too busy? my request is not his priority?? i should follow azwanhadzree's advice 5months ago.. to replace him with another web designer??

or i should learn about how to build my own simple website....?? then get it connected to 2checkout?? all by myself..?? mmm...

afterall, my request to mr. kor was very simple.. to create a one-page selling website that talks and talks and talks about the product/s i'd be offering, and towards the end of the page, motivate/persuade/push the visitors to purchase via a simple 1-2-3 steps that would straight away link them to payment counter. no shopping cart/s (maybe a small basket?) should be needed..

very simple. very straight forward.

IT-cluts like me should be able to do this all by myself, yes?? how ya...

Monday, March 3, 2008

let's recap..

now that i've re-entered blogosphere, i feel that i have plenty of things to brain-storm with myself.. not so much to catch up on lost times, but more to recapture on what has transpired during my non-blogging months and to determine whether i'm still on the right track..

the past non-blogging 5 months have seen me going back to my trusted, proven and conventional notebook.. no, not my sony vaio, but the one involving pens and papers, scribblings and doodlings, and sitting alone at some quiet corners of cosy cafes.. yeah its true, i needed a respite from my web hijackers!! i needed to be less naked to the whole web world. i needed to protect and shield myself from unsavoury attentions. i needed to learn more about online identities, frauds and the likes..

so am i smarter now to re-blog...?? not really, but maybe less fearful of unwanted net-attention. therefore on that positive note, let's recap my earlier net-goals 5 months ago..

my main goals were to sell my keceramics 40-items, kualalumpur giftpacks and bulky factory stocks direct from my existing http://www.keceramics.com/ website and also through ebay.com and lelong.com.my. looked like very simple goals when i wrote them down then, but when it came to the crunch of implementing them one by one, my eagerness was dampened by complicated system-integrations between my existing website and 2checkout counter, of which my web-designer couldn't handle. i was instead adviced to create another e-shopping website totally separated from my existing keceramics.com. mmm...

initial listing attempts for selling on ebay was taking me hours to configure and complete, and considering that it took me ages to list only one item, a glance through my remaining 40++ yet-to-be listed items and realising the fact that i needed to accumulate enough positive feedbacks from ebayers before i could be allowed to open up an ebay store, sapped up my energy and enthusiasm even further. yeah, yeah, yeah, i was very impatient about ebay in 2004, and again in 2007!! mmm...

selling direct from keceramics.com was out, selling via ebay was pushed to k.i.v. tray yet again, selling only via lelong.com.my was too localised... how else should i pursue online selling of my products then??? mmm...

streamline and simplify things, rosmah.. don't look at your many products for now.. just focus on a few.. let's just concentrate on kualalumpur-gifts.com!! flat-packed, easy to post, minimal courier charges and hassles!! wow, that was easy to decide.. and in line with our current production focus some more.. ;)

so that's what i've been working on in my non-blogging world. a new website selling only tile giftpacks to complement and promote my current focus on tile productions at http://www.handmadeceramictiles.com/ . the new website is not ready yet, but soon...

the ceramic designer is back..

yes, i'm back in blogosphere after a 5 months hiatus..
so many things planned and unplanned have happened. and some never happened and materialised as they should..

but hopefully being back in this blogging world will bring new impetus, new drives and motivations. working alone for yourself can sometimes be a drag.. complacencies set in without anybody to be answerable to.. commitments only to your own goals and desires can be too self-absorbing..

blogging gave me clear directions and focus. blogging enabled me to pour out my issues, opinions, fears and confusions. blogging allowed me to have discussions with my inner self. blogging sorted out plenty of things in my cluttered mind. blogging allowed me to talk more about my products, my business and anything related to it. blogging allowed me to achieve my secret desire, that is to write and get published. blogging allowed me to add plenty more keywords for my products to enable google search engines to reach my business. blogging also allowed plenty more people to notice my business, some with good and others with not-so-good intentions..

that was 5 months ago when i actively blogged for 2 months before i hibernated..

today i'm hoping those clarities, satisfactions and promotions will happen again, here in my new blog..

hello, hello.. the ceramic designer is back..!!