Monday, March 3, 2008

the ceramic designer is back..

yes, i'm back in blogosphere after a 5 months hiatus..
so many things planned and unplanned have happened. and some never happened and materialised as they should..

but hopefully being back in this blogging world will bring new impetus, new drives and motivations. working alone for yourself can sometimes be a drag.. complacencies set in without anybody to be answerable to.. commitments only to your own goals and desires can be too self-absorbing..

blogging gave me clear directions and focus. blogging enabled me to pour out my issues, opinions, fears and confusions. blogging allowed me to have discussions with my inner self. blogging sorted out plenty of things in my cluttered mind. blogging allowed me to talk more about my products, my business and anything related to it. blogging allowed me to achieve my secret desire, that is to write and get published. blogging allowed me to add plenty more keywords for my products to enable google search engines to reach my business. blogging also allowed plenty more people to notice my business, some with good and others with not-so-good intentions..

that was 5 months ago when i actively blogged for 2 months before i hibernated..

today i'm hoping those clarities, satisfactions and promotions will happen again, here in my new blog..

hello, hello.. the ceramic designer is back..!!

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