Tuesday, March 4, 2008

my dear web designer..

i finished writing up the content and any relevant info needed for my new selling website exactly a month ago, just before chinese new year and immediately gave them to my web designer mr. kor. there were still some loose ends to tie up in a few places, but i was thinking with mr. kor starting work on it then, i would eventually finalise everything as he progresses..

but until now, even after my follow-up emails and smses, mr. kor hasn't responded with any quotations!! maybe he's too busy? my request is not his priority?? i should follow azwanhadzree's advice 5months ago.. to replace him with another web designer??

or i should learn about how to build my own simple website....?? then get it connected to 2checkout?? all by myself..?? mmm...

afterall, my request to mr. kor was very simple.. to create a one-page selling website that talks and talks and talks about the product/s i'd be offering, and towards the end of the page, motivate/persuade/push the visitors to purchase via a simple 1-2-3 steps that would straight away link them to payment counter. no shopping cart/s (maybe a small basket?) should be needed..

very simple. very straight forward.

IT-cluts like me should be able to do this all by myself, yes?? how ya...

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