Wednesday, April 16, 2008

unblogged but is now live!!

my last blog-post was exactly 6weeks ago, and what have i been doing...?? apart from replacing my web designer mr. kor with mr. pathi and instructing my staff of some production orders, i haven't been working so much on building my online businesses, but instead, i've been very busy being a maid!! yes, i've been a slave to my own castle...!!

it's been nearly a month now, and my lady masseuse commented that my back waistline has toned and slimmed down!! after a month of daily housechores, i've lost the few kgs that has been nagging me for years!! always a blessing in disguise, huh?? ;) losing my maids have kept me fitter.. but tired-er.. and that's how the lady masseuse has come to be a weekly visitor lately.. my tired joints and limbs need weekly rejuvenation!!

my mind needs rejuvenations too, so that's the reason for today's post..

the website promoting & selling my handmade tiles featuring motives of famous malaysian buildings and essences of malaysian lives is now almost live..!! it may still need a few ammendments here and there, and most importantly a connection to a payment counter, but nonetheless, everything is finally coming to fruititions at

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