Monday, April 21, 2008

working with favourite people..

talking about favourite customers and such.. my favourite house-cabinet supplier and contractor for the past 3 years, p.h.mark will soon be my customer instead, and i hope will turn out to be one of my favourite customers too!!

i've known mark since we started sourcing for cabinet makers for our BBhouse, and that should be approx. more than 3years ago when we were still living in USJ9 and mark's showroom was just 2mins away down the road..

my favourite friend zaida, who was/is also my favourite architect, and i would spend time looking through mark's finishes and workmanships whenever we could fit the time & schedule, and mark would always be there accommodating our little requests/changes. at that time he was also busy running around for other projects and eventho we were sometimes made to wait for his arrivals, in the end he efficiently delivered as he promised..

most of my BBhouse cabinets were done by mark. we tried getting other cabinet-makers nearby so as not to bother mark with our never-ending little cabinet additions.. but in the end, we would end up calling him to quote & supply.
i was just thinking of giving him another call a month ago to do up my little son's room, when mark first dialled me up instead..

he's partnering with his cousin to open up a showroom in, new york!! wow.. with his positive attitude, energy and zest in carrying out his responsibilities, i strongly believe mark will do well in his business and career..

and he needs my handmade tiles to showcase together with his cabinets!! another wow, eh?? with my zest tappering down with age and complacencies, favourite people like mark is just what i need..

very soon, my handmade tiles will be showcased in new york along side mark's kitchen tops, bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes, water fountains, etc.. nice working together and doing business with your favourite people, huh??

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