Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sunday royal affair..

his father waited patiently and frustratedly for nearly 48 years to reclaim his birth-right.. and almost as soon as the father was pronounced the rightful ruler of his subjects, he immediately put succession plans in place to protect his children and future generation from further squabbles..
i'm not ashamed to admit that i shed a few tears and wiped my nose a few times during this simple yet beautiful ceremony..


Part-Time Mommy said...

Thanks a bunch 4 lovely lunch..
everyone kirim salam and Kak Yong pesan :
1) thanks for the bday wishes
2) kenal tak this lady nama June
(masa study @ Aussie)
3) Ku Mas sekarang tengah buat
umrah, that y dia tak reply
our called or sms.
TQ :]

Kak Teh said...

CD, wow! I would too if i was there. witnessing history in the making, eh?

The Ceramic Designer said...

dear part-time mommy,
1. need more b'day wishes as we grow older, eh? ;)
2. the name is 'june' only? my age or kakyong's?
3. kirim salam to ku-mas when she comes home..

The Ceramic Designer said...

dear kak-teh,
it was definitely history-in-the-making ceremony, alright.. but at the same time it also highlighted greed-among-family prominently for all to see and ponder.. previously outcasted royals and clans turned up in full-force with minimal protocals to hug/salam/congratulate the new rulers, whilst the family-members in power the past 48-years were prominently not visible at all.. infact, the invited guests consisted of 'different types' too.. ;)

Hazia said...

Salam, lama tak jengok.
Touching ceremony.
Love the baju kurung below:)

The Ceramic Designer said...

wkslm hazia,
yeah, i haven't been visiting and bloghopping so much too..
take care and hope you've sorted out your ad-man.. ;)