Thursday, February 12, 2009

i'm disheartened, so let's get back to the basics..

my web-designer is not responding to my ammendments as fast as i hoped he would.. ebay-listing is demanding more hours in a day than i could currently put aside.. i'm not even re-looking at the 3rd online shop as yet, so that i could focus and complete the first 2.. and all these 3 issues are my current immediate priorities for the year, and it's the middle of february already.. :(

i'm very disheartened, and i worry these IT-hiccups will push me away doing other things and getting involved in other projects, and that had happened a number of times already the past one-year or so, and it could happen again very soon unless i stay put on this course.. :(

so why the heck do we need to sell online..????

REASON 1: we have 16-years of accumulated stocks to get rid off..!! design collections from yesteryears, production over-runs, wrongly-specified items, custom-made design samples, etc, etc.. all still in very good order and mint condition, looking as good as new, fresh from our ovens/kilns.. we've been getting rid of these stocks via our annual year-end factory-sales the past 4-5 years and the responds have been good but online sales could have made them better, eh..??

REASON 2: to keep my production team happy and occupied in-between projects and any lull periods.. you see, we're not even planning to have the e-shops grow so big that would require the employment of new staff/team to handle the sales or the production of more items.. i'm just expecting the e-shops to sell whatever my production team had helped me produce with love and care over the years..

REASON 3: to service and accomodate the requests of friends, family and loyal customers to keep buying our products without having to go all the way to our factory or our consignment outlets, which we've reduced over the past 5-6 years from 34 to just 4-5 outlets..

i have simple reasonings and equally simple goals..
they're my products, my staff, my friends, family and loyal customers..
these are my basics that matter now..


bergen said...

Thank you for visiting, ma'am. Be sure to have a nice day now, y'hear?

The Ceramic Designer said...

thank you mr. bergen, will heed your advice, mate!!

Kak Teh said...

CD, just a hiccup. Things will catch up soon. Insyaallah.

The Ceramic Designer said...

too much hiccups already, kakteh..
maybe i'm missing something here, mmm...