Monday, February 9, 2009

happy 17th birthday, my dear..

today 10th february is my eldest-child's birthday and she's celebrating it at school with her mrsm-friends during the school's activity-week..

i'd need days and rolls of papers, eh hours on the net typing till my fingers & knuckles develop joint-abnormalities to talk about my challenges and experiences raising this teenage-daughter of mine.. ;)

we can be so much alike yet so much different from each other at the same time.. but we persevere and take time to understand each other's complexities, and over the past 17-years, we've come to accept and respect our differences, and enjoy & celebrate our similarities..

but, that is just me the mother talking.. ;)

she was barely 1-year old when i started my journey into my accidental business, therefore has been privy to almost all my ups and downs, my jubilations and frustrations, my successes and failures, my compassions and tantrums.. and through it all, as much as she'd try to deny it once she reads this blog-post, she's becoming more and more like her mother.. ;))))

it's okay what.. i'm not such a bad person right..??

so my dear ika.. i'd not write much about our mother-daughter journey here, so as not to take a lot of net-space and also to avoid embarassing you among your friends who'd sometimes take a peek here in my blog.. ;)

happy 17th birthday..
may you grow stronger & wiser..
the honeymoon year is over, ooppss..
time to focus on your studies..
yes, i've noted your 2009-resolution no. 13.. ;)))))))


_deli said...

Happy 17th birthday Ika.
Pak Deli

The Ceramic Designer said...

thank you pak deli..
the laptop is her birthday present.. yes, finally she's getting one after pestering us the past 2-yrs, with abah-nya always ready to give in to all her requests/demands, and mama-nya always restricting and trying not to spoil her as though our money grows on trees.. ;)