Thursday, February 5, 2009

5th february 2009

it was my birthday yesterday 5th february, and the birthdate of my accidental business.. yes, my accidental business has turned 16-years old!!! and in another few more days ie. 10th february, my eldest girl/child will turn 17-years old..

how time flies.. but let's not focus on the word OLDER, eh..?? i'd like to think that i'm getting much much much WISER.. ;)

and being wiser, ehem.. i didn't expect any gifts or fanfares from darling husband & 2-younger children (eldest child is now in boarding-school).. it's the simple thoughtfulness-es that always count in my book.. okay, okay he's buying me something but guess what?? i'm supposed to go buy it for myself and pay it via his supplementary card..!! and i said, haven't i been doing that, regardless of the times of the year anyway, darling..?? therefore where is the sense of wonderment in getting my present..?? ;)

so on my 45th-birthday yesterday, wiser-me ran away instead to wified-delifrance for the whole afternoon between 2-7pm.. to re-focus on her ebay-listings..!!! yes, it's a somewhat monumental decision to make on the anniversary of my 16-years in this ceramic designing & manufacturing business, therefore my birthday-present should just wait, huh??

i was hoping that it was gonna be 'monumental' therefore very memorable.. especially having an ebay-presence has been in my head since sept-2004, and i've made several unsuccessful attempts eversince, and i've recently decided with the encouragements of my ebay-tutors that i should still go ahead with it, and even if i'm still half-prepared, i should just JUMP into it..!!

so i JUMPED, again..

2-7pm saw me finalising a number of online-processes which i'd not write for now.. some of these processes i had gone through a few times already.. even the item-listing process & forms already looked familiar..

what i'd like to note down here is this: 5-hours fully-focusing on re-getting my first feet into ebay-world is still not enough to even successfully listing one item.. i need more hours in a day, mmm..

focus rosmah, FOCUS..
i'm supposedly WISER now, therefore should have much more PATIENCE and PERSERVERANCE, mmm..

time to take a break and go buy that birthday present, huh..??


_deli said...


Happy 45th. Will be joining you at that age soon. Not that soon though.

Presents. Get one big. Two medium. Three small. Four - for me, any size will do. Paid for, right? Thank you.

Kak Teh said...

CD, did you know that I left you a message to wish you heppy birthday and now i tengok tak publish pun. Anyway, am sure you had a good day with your loved ones.

There's problems with blogspot. Even in my blog pun ada yang tak dapat comment.

The Ceramic Designer said...

thanks deli and kak-teh for the wishes.. i'm not sure whether i've bought my presents or not.. but the other day i bought 4-blouses, 1-pants and 1-sweater for work/daily wear, and later went kroaking with some girlfriends.. do that count?? the birthday-present that i was supposed to buy for myself is still un-bought hehe..

The Ceramic Designer said...

therefore deli.. present for you is still unbought too.. ;)

Maya said...

Hiya! Sorry I missed wishing you on time. Here is wishing you that all your dreams come true in the way you want them too! Here is also wishing you lots of success and happiness and LOVE ..lots and lots of it!

Hope to catch you in person one of these days. I have been way too busy too. Dah 2 cucu, so more demands on my time lah!

The Ceramic Designer said...

thanks maya..
hoping to catch me in person one of these days huh..?? i'm thinking of your NWO, mmm...