Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my children, my online partners..??

should you glance at my blog-labels now, the most blog-posts so far have been put under 'to my children' label.. mmm, why..???

i've been spending a lot more time on the net the past few years, instead of running/driving around meeting staff, suppliers, customers ie. looking harrassed and busy all the time!! i've wanted to simplify my life and business operations, and i thought putting everything online should solve my problems.. haha, please bear in mind that i really thought online operations were pieces of cakes.. all kacang one.. ;)

yeah, yeah, yeah.. i've tasted and still getting some pieces of the online cakes.. and they're really yummy and delicious and beyond my expectations.. and they really have made me say 'wow, this is great, simply wonderful!!'..

having an internet-presence since september 2004 have given my ceramic design & manufacturing business a boost and exposure to more and different customers, and infact my first customer that i got via the website gave me a total value of project that covered my monthly overheads for the next 2-years after we completed and delivered.. very nice, huh..?? and i didn't even have to meet them in person and do any further marketing and promotions because everything was laid bare on the net for them to see, view, judge and decide.. simply wonderful, huh..??

therefore i don't need plenty of projects in one year to sustain this accidental business.. 2 or 3 are already sufficient to keep my production team occupied.. and me, happy and contented not having to rush here & there and chase plenty of people all the time.. yes, i've wanted to reduce my stress, and the headaches and body aches that came with it.. yes, i've wanted only some small pieces of the online cakes and EAT them too.. ;)

therefore my simplification attempts have worked very well, right..?? but, but.. i still have stocks lying around.. old design collections, production over-runs, wrongly-specified items, product samples, etc.. the main reasons for the need to have my online shops which are still ding-dong-ding-donging in their completion the past one year or so, and which i'd not elaborate further here..

my simplification attempts have worked very well not only in reducing my stress-levels, but it has also meant that my kids now are always seeing me at home as though i no longer have a business to run, haha.. they must be thinking in their little heads that running your own business is really a blast, just look at mama.. ;)

sometime last year, my eldest asked me this question: do you still have your business?? i was quiet for awhile and then smiled to her & myself.. and that was how i started labelling some of my blog-posts under 'to my children' category.. sort of to teach them that everything was not beds of roses all the time the past 16-years in business, and to have come to this stage where i don't look like really working anymore, have actually required some plenty of hard work and perseverance..

i also have some ulterior motives in coming up with this blog-label.. to let my 2-girls know what else i'm trying and struggling to do online, so that they could see for themselves in what way they could contribute in the future.. it never crossed my mind to have my ceramic design & manufacturing business to be handed down to my children, no no no, but i hope they'd learn something good from watching first-hand how their mother (try to) manage her life, family and household by pursuing her dream and business from the comforts of home..

i wish for them to have greater options and easier access to the ways they could reach their future goals and desires.. i could see their individual and different characters developing now and i'd like to show them just how they can capitalise on their strengths and improve on their weaknesses, starting from a much earlier age, from the very comforts of their home.. plenty of things can be done and earned from the net, ah yes, our children are just so lucky to be part of this web-generation..

so ika and mel will be mama's online partners soon, okay...?? abah has just provided both of you the greater means but of course with greater terms & regulations, and yes, greater responsibilities..

explore all the possibilities and good luck in finding your niche in life..

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