Tuesday, February 3, 2009

february already??

i haven't been blogging the past two weeks so that i can focus on completing my 3 online stores, the completion of which have been trailing behind me for a few years already..

i've said and blogged about this before, i know i know.. :(

but this time, i've really kept my focus on one store after another.. other work-issues and personal, family and household matters have been kept away from my bird's-eye views so as to minimise distractions.. yeah, the 'hazards' of working from the comforts of home, you say..?? but aren't those the 'advantages' of home-based businesses..?? mmm..

over the years, i've had to 'run away' to cosy and wifi-cafes to get myself fully-focused to complete my tasks.. i've also made the habit of 'tagging' behind darling husband to his office/s should i have some procastinated issues to be resolved..

so running-away and tagging-hubby have been my activities the past 2-weeks.. ;)

it's my 45th birthday tomorrow, and my accidental business is turning 16-years old the same time.. and i have self-imposed expectations to fulfill, and the 3 online stores are my current immediate priorities..

oh yes, despite being fully-focused, these are always easier said than done.. but alhamdulillah, my first online store is now almost ready to be launched, yaayyy...

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