Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i did not design these ceramic-turtles..
instead, i bought them as samples from a fellow ceramic-manufacturer..
a strictly-manufacturing set-up which also imported & supplied ready-made moulds..
i bought plenty of their ready-made moulds during my formative years in ceramic-business..
and after nearly 16-years, the supplier has become an old, old friend..

yes, i got these ceramic-turtles from danny..
and danny too, did not design these turtles..
why am i posting & viewing the turtles here..??
a customer has requested 'something-malaysian' for her KLIA-gift-shop, and i'm running out of ideas..
those ceramic-turtles are cute, eh..??
or they're instead, should be called tortoises..??


Maya said...

Hello R! Finally I found the time to drop by. Nice going! Haven't got the chance to start from your beginning...but will soon. In the meantime the air-conditioning has been noted! Thanks a ton! Keep in touch and we shall conspire! Cheers to the NWO (New Women Order)! Warmest, Your Invisible Neighbour :)

The Ceramic Designer said...

oh wow.. my invisible neighbour is now not so invisible anymore.. ;)

your writings are extremely beautiful..!! i now feel so inferior and having some kind of a writer's block, even when responding to your comment here..!! ;))

i've admired your zest, energy & thoughfulness from our few brief physical encounters and sms-exchanges the past 3-years.. now that i've read your blog, you're truly a wonderful person..

may God bless your NWO..

RozIlah Kamarudin ImOlie said...

Mah, i think u could do way better than those tortoises...

_deli said...

penyu-ku or kupunya penyu. that's what you should call 'em. and colour 'em chilli-red, or orange or purple or turquoise or apa-apa lah asalkan bukan hijau or brown.

The Ceramic Designer said...

hi hi o-li and de-li..
in the absence of kak-teh, you've become my regular readers, eh..?? ;)

fyi oli.. deli was my darling husband's schoolmate!! cum networking-mate!!

and my dear deli.. oli was my uni-mate!! cum room-mate, disco-mate!! ;)

tortoises, penyuku, kupunya-penyu..?? now the 2 of you are becoming my design-mates..?!?!! ;)))