Saturday, January 17, 2009

handcrafted ceramic oil-burner..

obviously i like anything squarish..
but of course, excluding squarish people.. ;)
but on second thought, i should include them, eh..?? ;)))

this is a mini-sized ceramic oil-burner.. designed a few years back as part of our corporate/doorgift items.. it's very small, measuring 6cm-width and 7cm-height only.. and very compacted too, with 1cm-deep oil-space.. and approx. 4cm-height candle-burning-space..

with those minute measurements.. this burner is definitely impractical for hardcore oil-burner-users.. it doesn't burn so long coz the oil-space is very shallow.. it emits greater black-carbon -smokes that stain the outer-part of the burner coz the candle-burning height is insufficient.. it utilises more number of candles coz the insufficient burning-height means your candles burn faster than they should..

but regardless of those, i treasure the designing process of this impractical oil-burner.. the finished product has turned out very simple and stylish.. yes?? i had included almost all of our production strengths & identities.. so that we could produce them bulk, all handcrafted with ease.. and most importantly, within the specified budget of specified quantities..


Anonymous said...

Hi ! Looks like you have everything ready now,in order, sets and moving. I venture into all your business websites today and I must say it’s nicely done ! It gives a view of how much work put into here and a good guide too for beginners. Nice, creative, artistic products and well done, Puan!

The Ceramic Designer said...

hi ruzzlan..
yeah, plenty of work was needed alright.. starting a business online is actually as time-consuming as starting any other traditional business.. i really thought my years in a traditional business could jumpstart everything into high-speed the moment i went online.. but no, it didn't happen like that at all..

nice artworks and helpful info you have in your blog.. hope to learn them later later when i'm finally done with all these legworks..

thanks brader, for the words of encouragement..

Herry jonson said...

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