Thursday, January 8, 2009

just looking back to move forward..

i've just finally finished re-writing my unpublished 2003-why-talk-about-failures-articles and linked them into my accidental business journey, PART-1.. and now obligating myself into backtracking my thoughts, memories & experiences to start building up content for PART-2..

why do i even bother doing this..?? the perfectionist in me, maybe..?? the start of another year, possibly..?? just looking back to move forward, you think..?? just making sure i'm still on the right track, most likely..?? mmm...

my journey in part-1 was written in jan-feb2003, after 10-years in my accidental-business.. i've been including & posting the 7-articles in that journey into this blog since mid-2008, most possibly because i was lost again then and trying to get back my directions.. so what has actually happened between jan-feb2003 and mid-2008, the period of approximately 5 and a half years...????

wow.. quite an amount of recollections are needed here, eh..?? so again, why do i even bother doing this...?????

i heard somebody said recently over the airwaves.. failing is not simply due to fate or bad lucks, but most likely due to bad life-choices.. and vice-versa, succeeding is also not simply due to fate or good lucks, but most likely due to good life-choices, or something to those effects.. as i understood it immediately then, you make your own life choices as you progress in life and subsequently these good & bad choices would lead you nearer to or farther from your intended destination/s..

so what life choices have i made in those 5 and a half years between jan-feb2003 and mid-2008..?? and where have those choices led me now..?? i know i've constantly made conscious efforts to keep improving my personal/family well-being and keep simplifying my business activities to suit my changing priorities, but i also know that i can be very sanguine & emotional and keep side-tracking onto other passions & ventures, regularly & temporarily forgetting my business goals & focus..

so yes, as i look forward to greater challenges in 2009 and beyond, i may need to back-track 5 and a half years to enable me to move forward more happily, comfortably and confidently into the new year..

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