Sunday, January 4, 2009

welcome 2009..

phew, what a relief..!! the school holidays are finally over and i'm actually very glad to be back to normal routines..!! one activity after another and i never realized just how busy and hectic a year-end holidays could do to me until now.. or is it that my body is no longer able to sustain all these..??? mmm..

asked my darling hubby whether he felt glad too, and he replied, why should he? life has been normal to him, work-work-work, regardless of the times of the year, therefore school holidays or not, my darling hubby's life is always centred around his passion, that is his work & business.. i'm forever glad that he's very committed and really enjoying looking after his/our financial-priorities, therefore allowing me to be forever having free reins of the other 'non-financial' areas in his life.. ;) i'd just need to give him ample notices of our family plans and he'd re-adjust his schedules to be involved as my better-half and my children's doting-father.. simply 'perfect' huh?? ;)

yes, so welcome 2009..!!!

i already know what my new year goals and plans are, but i'd just need to rewind and snip off whatever remnants of 2008 that are still trailing behind me.. and with the school-hols plans always mixing together and jumbling up my other agendas, sorting out my head to face the new year may take a while..

some quiet time alone with my iced cappuchino in my favourite wifi-cafe.. is necessary, huh??

this blog-post is just to tell my few 'loyal-readers' that my life the past 2-weeks was not just about my many, many cats.. ;))
this is also to inform that i started the new year in full blast with fellow mama-mias, exactly on new year's day 1st january 2009.. ;))

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