Thursday, January 8, 2009

thank you darling..

regardless of how many times i've kept saying that i jumped into this ceramic design & manufacturing business totally by accident, i must admit that some kind of a strategic planning & thinking had happened 16 years ago in my little head, continued to happen over the course of many other little accidents over the years, and still happening till today even when i've kept saying i'm now so tired and should just retire..

at this point of note, i'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my loving & supportive darling husband for always believing in me, for always guiding & motivating me, for always inspiring & sharing my simple goals & visions, for always elevating me to greater heights & richer experiences, for always listening & urging me forward, for always being the rocky shoulder to cry on whenever things got too much for me to handle on my own..

yes darling.. regardless of the many turnings, side-trackings, little breaks, adjournments here, there & everywhere that i've taken along the way, accompanied with either your blessings or disapprovals, we are actually still on the right track..

and mostly thanks to you.. ;)


_deli said...

i. Adalah dah buat silap kat mana-mana tu
ii. Adalah yang dia ndak tu.
iii. Simply mmm...

The Ceramic Designer said...

siapa yang ndak apa tu..?

Kak Teh said...

salam, so, when is the take off? Let us know, okay? Its nice to have support and love along the way.

The Ceramic Designer said...

my dear dear kak teh..
so very sweet of you to keep visiting and leaving encouraging comments/advices to this lost-soul!! have my recent postings portrayed that i'm all ready to launch & fly..??

i'm clearer and more focused definitely.. will let you know when i'm finally ready, soon.. hoping that you'd tell & persuade every other blogger to buy my ceramic products then.. okay?? ;)

may God bless you kak..