Sunday, February 22, 2009

bajukurungs & me..

i'd normally buy bajukurungs whenever hariraya comes along, but of late i've had to buy more bajukurungs whenever there is a function coming on.. and of late, not only the bajukurungs have to match my simple taste, geometric-inclinations, petite (short!?) structure and thinking-personality (haha), they'd also have to match my darling husband's attire/s and the function/s..

the designer-in-me have always tried to be different and creative and have always attempted over the years to design her own bajukurungs, by scouting high & low for suitable fabrics not just for the bajus but the kains and selendangs as well, not to forget the brooches, necklaces, earings etc.. while the experiences have been fun, fullfilling and resulting in satisfactorily-designed bajukurungs for my simple-tastes and subdued-styles, the time and effort involved in putting everything nicely together have been, yeah time-consuming..

therefore finding and frequenting poya@bsc have been one of life's little blessings, at least for me.. eventhough i've been a repeat customer over the past few years or maybe eversince the shop opened 5 years ago, i've never really decided that i should solely focus my bajukurung-needs on this small boutique, until last friday..

poya the shop's owner was my subang-usj9/3B's neighbour whom i never knew then until that friday, eventhough we've been exchanging background details eversince we first met for my first purchase of bajukurung from her a few years ago.. the boutique was opened 5 years ago when poya decided to accept vss-option from her employer, and hence, to venture on her own at the ripe-age of 48 after many years in banking, public relations and corporate affairs..

she's been carrying bajukurungs that suit my tastes and styles that resist heavy beadings, elaborate decorations, loud colours and flowery patterns.. and most importantly her friendly-disposition from years of handling banking customers of various backgrounds and temperaments have endeared her to her regular customers, old and young, middle or upper classes, rich or not-so, titled or otherwise, me included..

to me, she's not just the owner of my favourite bajukurung-boutique, a former neighbour and fellow entreprenuer.. last friday she has also become my bajukurung-designer, function-advisor and social-confidante.. yes, from here onwards, i'd not need to look high and low to put my bajukurung-ensembles together so that i'd look nice & comfortable, appropriately-matched and suited to darling husband and our function/s, coz poya@bsc is here to stay among my life's little blessings..

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