Friday, May 2, 2008

beloved dr. mahathir..

yaaayyy.. my most favourite prime minister is now blogging too.. since yesterday!! will be among my favourite net-stop-overs too, despite me being not politically very interested and savvy about anything political.. i'm just a big supporter of the doctor, no matter what the others say.. ;)


Palister said...

I read your comment from yes, couldn't agree more that you did..Dr M is still the Big M in Malaysia. Without him I wonder where I am now..since I've got my degree from him (Dr M was my chancellor). :)

err, are you making ceramic or something like that?

The Ceramic Designer said...

yes palister, making ceramic items from scratch!! sketch, design and produce to your specifications!! thanks for visiting and come again.. i see you have an online store, need ceramic products? ;)