Tuesday, May 13, 2008

set of 3 ceramic vases..

i blog to increase my google ranking, therefore drive more traffic to my site, therefore get more exposure for my ceramic products.., right? hence the title above..

these ceramic vases were designed and produced so that the smallest vase can go inside the bigger vase, and both can fit inside the biggest of them all.. therefore reduce packing volume/materials and hopefully reduce delivery costs!!

design finishes used a combination of fired and non-fired colouring techniques.. the pucuk paku motives were carved then glazed before firing, the background embossed droplets were made when clayforms were still wet and soft, whilst the
antique black&copper finishings were done after baking was completed..

i experimented with plenty of design techniques to showcase my doodles and sketches, and after so many years of playing around with colours, patterns and textures.. the above finishes have become my most preferred choices, and as some of my customers have said.. my products' most distinguished character/s..
i've constantly strived to make running my business easier by simplifying and streamlining everything, including production.. my production team now only needs to know certain keywords to understand what i want to be hand-produced without me having to explain so much like i used to do..

this design collection is called Pucuk Crackles..
for more of such items, please visit www.keceramics.com

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