Friday, May 9, 2008

my eyes teary, my nose blocked, my head hurts..

yes, i've been 'crying' the past 2hours, whilst i was uploading the photos of my ceramic leaves in my previous two postings.. thinking about the public disrespects and humiliations the present malaysian government is continuing giving to it's former PM, our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir.. :(

i'm no supporter of any political party, but i'm passionate about respecting your elders.. i'm constantly reminded of my own 74-yr old father still recuperating from stroke for the past (nearly) 2 years..

i posted a comment in dr. M's blog 2 hours ago re. ex-gratia payments to judges, my first ever 'communication' with him after decades admiring and looking up to him from afar.. and since then i've been going back and forth checking on further comments from other readers, but none was yet to be published after mine..

considering his previous postings attracted hundreds of comments, today's posting is stopping at comment number 31?? it's been 2 and a half hours now without follow-ups, maybe more comments coming soon..?

with the lack of follow-up comments after mine, i was 'forced' to re-read and re-read my own posting until my eyes bleed.. my nose blocked.. and now headaches developing..

how could the present leaders simply forget his many contributions the past 22 years, and instead pick on one issue after another just to embarrass and belittle him?? instead of enjoying his long overdue retirement like our fathers, dr. M is still fighting for malaysians..

my heart goes out to him.. teary eyes, red nose and all...


Al-Manar said...

I was browsing through TDM's posting when I accidentally noticed your comments. That crying act caught my attention. " Can someone cry over this?", I asked myself. An old man, I for one, can easily cry but not a young person- you are I am sure. Several of TDM's actions were against my better judgement but he is just one of his kind, powerful and caring for the Malays - I am in my little way.

The Ceramic Designer said...

i can be overly sensitive sometimes. but yes, i did cry thinking about all those UNGRATEFUL politicians bashing and belittling dr. M publicly, after all the good deeds that he did for 22yrs.. he's already 83, why not just show some respect? very sad..