Friday, May 9, 2008

ceramic leaves..

leaves made from ceramic clay, anyone??

we first designed and produced these leaves for the Starhill Pamper Floor refurbishment approx. 3 years ago.. 5 different sizes were done with 2 different swaying movements for each size.. and all of these were arranged around Starhill's structural columns on the 4th floor, starting from bottom of the columns going up as far as we could climb!! we were to show the leaves climbing up the round columns..
we sweated and toiled to finish up everything coz as always, orders from mr. baldip and his design team were always very very urgent.. my production team stayed up till the early hours of the morning firing/baking the items for more than a month!! any unacceptable breakages were rejected but being handmade products, most irregularities were pleasantly embraced..

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