Wednesday, May 14, 2008

beruntung TILES..

beruntung tiles were designed during the construction of our new house in bukit beruntung approx. 3-4 years ago. we wanted to focus on supplying handmade ceramic tiles, therefore decided to use our new house as our pilot project to showcase to potential customers in the interior and architectural lines..

just prior to this, we were already designing and supplying these little pieces of handmade tiles to a few clients, and decided that making tiles were much more exciting and convenient than making ceramic vases and such bulky items!!

these beruntung tiles only came in 2x2" sizes, and portrayed 6 different geometrical motives as shown in the photo.. i'd have preferred that these motives were arranged in an adhoc manner, but my interior site-supervisor at that time (azizan, my brother-in-law!) specified to the tiler/s to arrange them nicely like this.. oh well, as long as it looks nice.. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, right..?? ;)

these tiles can be found in our toilet walls, kitchen backdrop and pool edges.. dear hubby was grinning ear to ear for having these tiles supplied free-of-charge, hence, didn't mind having them all over the house!!

more details of beruntung tiles in our website , but in this posting i'd just like to point out that the green-coloured material highlighting the geometric motives were actually melted glass.. crushed glass pieces from my empty green noni juice bottles!! when we ran out of noni bottles, we used 7-up bottles!! a unique way to re-cycle, huh...??
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