Sunday, June 1, 2008

i'm still a french-maid..

my last posting was 2 and a half weeks ago.. mmm, what have i been doing?? busy with the housechores, the kids, the cats, the fishes, the plants and yes, tuti & tutu the turtles!! hardly any real ceramic-work has been attempted!! :(

i've been procastinating big time, aarrgghh..!!

i'm still my husband's french-maid-of-honour.. but it's been 10 weeks already and the new maid is still not arriving any time soon. always the optimistic believing there're blessings in disguises in whatever hardships coming my way, i'm now: a better cook (3 dishes in less than an hour), a more efficient housekeeper (daily chores done by 11am), a less spender (no more trips out of bb-town), a more fit-ter woman above 40 (stronger arms due to daily upstretch to dry up my laundry), a more observant mother (my 12yr old girl actually still needs more baby-ish playtime with me), a more tolerant mother ('accepting' the constant mess made by my 5yr old boy coz he 'promised' to clean up by himself afterwards), a less tolerant cat-lover (no cats playing/lazying inside the house to reduce furry-mess), blah, blah, blah..

now that i've listed them down, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives huh?? but oh my.. how i wish i can just disappear for a while.. and enjoy some pampering body massages or something!! 3hr karaoke, eh kroaking-session with my girl-friends would be very nice and most welcome too!!!


SinlessTouch said...

i feel for you, all you need is the french maid costume to make your suffering complete. Hopefully, things will get better in the long run.

The Ceramic Designer said...

haha thanks for dropping by!! my ceramic-blog-posting has attracted a lingerie-marketeer!! my girl-friends would be laughing at me now!! will definitely check out your french-maid outfit later.. maybe when i'm no longer the french-maid...??? ;)