Wednesday, November 5, 2008

not updating was 'on purpose'.. :(

blogging takes time..
just admit it to yourself that blogging does really take a chunk off your time..

i haven't been updating my blog the past 3 months on purpose.. i wanted to focus on completing my 2 selling websites, but as it has turned out, so many other things have kept cropping up for my attention that my work-focuses have gone hay-wires all over again..!!! :(

i purposely put up the photos of my ceramic items all over the place in my last blog-post so that i would not lose focus.. i've been looking at these photos the past 3 months in-between my other chores, errands and little projects to keep me in the right frame of working-mind.. i've been brushing off my yearnings to reflect & write down my thoughts on those other issues happening in my life the past 3 months so that i could finally complete what i've started approx. one year ago: and

but alas, after 3 months of ogling at the photos.. yeah, you've guess it right.. both are still not finalised!!! i'm very angry at myself here, aarrrggghh... can you see & feel it..??

you see, once both websites are finalised, my commitments and fardu-kipayahs to my long-term production staff will be taken care of almost automatically without my regular operational interventions.. and haven't i reasoned this with myself before many times already......?????

once both websites are in good working conditions, i'd only need to market, promote, link, advertise and blog about them to generate traffic and sales.. work for me would be very much more blissful, eh??

blogging then shouldn't be just taking chunks off my time.. blogging then should be time very well-spent..


Hazia said...

Salam. Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Beautiful ceramic pieces you have there:)

The Ceramic Designer said...

thanks dear and please drop by again..