Tuesday, July 15, 2008

aussiegals BLUE-luncheon..

everybody was supposed to wear any tones of blue.. but as what happened last year when we first introduced this dress colour-theme, some gals still turned up in different colors..
yeah, yeah, yeah regardless of that.. here we are the aussiegals posing in our best bluesy-attires!! this time around there were only 11 of us who can make it to this 'annual' lunch-gathering as compared to 16 last year..
'aussiegals' was loosely formed sometime in 2001/2002 to consist of (zaida's & rosmah's) former aussiemates whilst they studied and goofed around in sydney australia between the years of 1982-1990.. over time as we get more excited of being reunited with more and more mates, anybody's mates become everybody's mates too..
for gals in our (early?) forties.. we don't look so bad, huh??? ;)))

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Rozilah Kamarudin ImOlie said...

who is the long haired lady? Who are the five that didnt turn up this year? Zana. Sherry, Olie, ? and ?