Tuesday, April 21, 2009

grapevines-journey: THE BASICS

first of all, the grape sapplings from grape-growing-state of perlis courtesy of abang musa my pasar-tani trader.. he actually chose 3 types of grapes based on their fruit-colours (green, red and black) but forgot to write clearly on each sappling container which one is which, therefore we've mixed 2 sapplings together in one pot, and now left to wonder and anticipate the future colours of the fruits of our labour..

abang musa pointed out to us that the grape trees have 2 distinct shapes of leaves, and since we didn't know which tree sapplings bearing what colour of fruits, we've chosen to put together the sapplings having the most appealing shape of leaves to face the house frontage.. should our new grape trees still bearing sour fruits, the leaves would at least make the house look much nicer, eh..

the remaining 2 sapplings have been put together in a second pot to face the inside of the house.. seen here tending to them is my in-house gardener that i occasionally sleep with.. ;)
all 4 sapplings have been planted in 2 pots partly protected from direct rain-contact.. abang musa also told us that grape trees don't grow so well with too much water, infact they'd thrive so much better in dry seasons/areas..

the view of the newly constructed horizontal steel-hanger, circling the toproof gazebo at 3 sides.. the 4th remaining side is left for other/existing potted hanging plants..

the view of the steel-hanger against the clear blue sky as i was lying down on the floor doing my yoga stretches, and imagining the future outcomes of this latest grape-journey..

here's hoping for multi-coloured grapes that would be so much sweeter..


_deli said...

Let's see; are you sub-conciously advertising your "...in-house gardener that U occasionally sleep with"?
Wah! Bahaya nih!

The Ceramic Designer said...

haha that gardener actually insisted that i took that photo.. i suspect that after knowing that i'm blogging about this grape-journey, he may have sub-consciously wanted to be 'visible' in this venture too.. i think.. ;)