Thursday, April 9, 2009

eh, why haven't i been blogging??

wow, it's been approximately 2-weeks that i've neglected my blog..!!

i've actually been running away from an unpleasant and unresolved work issue.. i didn't want to think too much about it, hence, i went looking for other avenues to distract my mind and broaden my horizons..

i also created other things-to-do to sapp up all those negative-ions off my mind.. yeah, maybe the right time to update my contact-list?? help promote my alumni's upcoming reunion?? design new ceramic tablewares?? spring-clean my notebook files?? start my grape vineyard?? complete the will-listing?? meet up with future project-partner?? activate my facebook account??

ah yes, my blog now has my facebook-badge prominently featured on the top-right-end-corner, overshadowing all my other important business links.. and is that good or bad..?? kakteh should be able to tell me whether i've made the right move here, but i must admit that i've enjoyed facebooking the past 2-weeks.. in-between all those new things-to-do, yeah i've enjoyed facebooking a little bit too much to make me forget about blogging..


♥Mai said...

kak mai zaiton di sini.. batch 77 smsps..
u were in this biz by accident?... hehe..

The Ceramic Designer said...

thanks for dropping by kak.. hehe.. yes, by accident..