Friday, December 12, 2008

3days 2nights in our children's kampung..

i'm feeling holiday-lagged.. 3 full-days of sunway lagoon, ice-skating, alacarte-dining, fish-spa-ing, some shopping and plenty of kids' fun-time.. is enough for aging bodies like mine and darling hubby's..!! by the mid of the final day, we had to argue and persisted with the kids that enough is enough, mama and abah needed to go home and recuperate..

by the next morning, today saturday, my darling hubby is back to work.. he's very focused and hard-working, that better-half of mine.. 3 off-days were already too long a time to be away from his busy schedules, and we fully-understand.. that was why we chose sunway, a mere 30min drive away to spend quality funtime, away from normal routines..

we used to be subang-jaya-urbanites all our working/married life till we moved here 3 years ago.. but my elder-kids took sunway and other urban amenities for granted coz all those were short drives away and almost daily-frequented.. therefore now, visits back to sunway or subang jaya are cherished by my 2 eldest..

and to spend 3 full-days in their 'kampung' environment with all amenities 5-minutes away from their hotel bunkers was heavenly.. and without having to drive back and forth from one place to another, darling hubby was more relaxed and contented to follow the kids and his wife's many whims.. ;)


Kak Teh said...

wow, so that is their kampong? My two older children will be going back next month - with two friends. They have been back several times on their own and i think they enjoy exploring the country and showing Malaysia to their friends. Yes, while they love staying at the hotels, they enjoy going to the kampongs too because what is a trip back without meeting relatives there. I wish I can di with them

The Ceramic Designer said...

hehe but my kids's 'kampung' got no relatives one..!!

my 2 eldest were born & bred in subang jaya, accustomed to all the abundant amenities around them.. my 16yr old eldest girl had so many complaints when we first moved to bukit beruntung, but now has settled down rather nicely, alhamdulillah..

nice to have already grown-up children who can travel on their own, kan?? i'm looking forward to getting there, mmmm.. getting older.. ;)