Thursday, December 4, 2008

ceramic passion re-visited, again..

i'm now just remembering my early years in my accidental-business.. whereby i spent my days full-time in my small factory.. supervising my 6 pioneer-staff.. expanding our work-area little by little.. increasing our production-machineries bit by bit.. driving around in my proton aeroback looking for suppliers in unfamiliar territories.. in my tattered jeans and overgrown men-shirts with dashes/splashes of paints & muds on both clothings.. with pens, notebooks & handphone always in my hand..

those were the days when guts and tenacity made me bolder.. when naivete and foolishness made me do things beyond my boundaries.. when zests and youthfulness were bountiful.. when my simple dream can actually move mountains..

enjoy the rest of the photos taken last week during my re-visit to ceramic passion..

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The Ceramic Designer said...

reminder to myself:
darling hubby mentioned to me this morning over breakfast that an old uni-friend graduated in architecture but never practiced but doing sales instead all his career-life, recently got retrenched and now interested in becoming my full-time business partner..

i'm elated & deeply excited.. coz i've been complacent & contented.. but he's still aggressively pursuing his destiny.. and my long-term staff would greatly benefit from his energy..