Sunday, December 14, 2008

ebay brainstorming session..

hoping that this will be among my final brainstorming session about selling my ceramic handicrafts on ebay, let me just list down my previous worries and issues..

1. my ceramic items are breakable-items.. i was worried that many breakages, despite careful & safe packaging on my side plus insurance coverage, may give me plenty of negative feedbacks from my ebay buyers, therefore affecting future sales, not forgetting dampening my spirits..

2. i was under the impression that my buyers would expect to get their purchased items as soon as possible, hence i spent a lot of time comparing courier-charges and discovered that adding the delivery charges had made the cost of my ceramic products 3-4times more expensive!! i myself would not want to purchase my own products.. :(

3. i'm not familiar with auctions and the bidding processes practiced in ebay or elsewhere, and i was more keen in listing my ceramic items under fixed-prices but wasn't sure whether that could highlight my products very well, and thus was under the impression that i'd still need to auction off my items every now and then.. within some unfamiliar processes that i'd still need to explore..

4. my initial interest in ebay was to straight away set up an ebay-store and list up and showcase all my many ceramic handcrafted products designed over the past 15 years.. but i discovered that before i could do that, i'd have to firstly accumulate a certain number of positive feedbacks from my buyers.. and with above-listed issues still hanging in my head, my spirits were further dampened..

5. ebay has this feedback system whereby each successful transaction is allowed a feedback/comment from both buyer and seller.. either negative or positive comment will be made known to other ebay-ers as well, therefore these feedbacks/comments carry a certain weight to the reputation of both buyers and sellers.. i was worried that because of issues 1 & 2 above (breakables & expensive courier-charges), added with me fumbling through issue 3 (auction-processes) would eventually end up with plenty of negative feedbacks on my record (reputation as an ebay-seller).. thus would reduce my chances of opening an ebay-store..

there you go.. out of my head finally.. easier now to decide: to pursue or not to pursue?? time for my coffee break, huh??.. will continue later, roger and out..


Kak Teh said...

sometimes, when you list them down, write every item that's playing in your mind, then you can see things clearly. Good luck. there's more news here about people buying online now rather than in the high street shops.

Anonymous said...

Easily said than done. I do hope in time you would be able to do both - have your goods sold thru a new set of demographics and from ebay !

The Ceramic Designer said...

dear kakteh, previously i brainstormed and got frustrated about my IT-hiccups while pursuing ebay, but now that i'm more IT-literate, these other issues became highlighted in my thots.. do you think i'm looking for new excuses not to do anything about ebay??

yes dear ruzzlan, these things are much easier said than done.. executing my plans & visions need much greater effort than what i'd been willing to give.. i really thought that i'd make business life easier for myself by going online, but entering new/virtual markets need plenty of groundwork, similar like any conventional non-web entities..

but as my ebay tutuors tell me.. JUST JUMP INTO IT...!! mmm... sounds so familiar..