Monday, December 8, 2008

re-attempting ebay..

lets see.. should i continue pursuing this ebay-business..?? or should i finally thrash it out from my head..??

i've thought of opening an ebay-store since 2004.. i've blogged and brainstormed my ebay-hiccups a number of times since i started blogging.. i've even attended an ebay tutorial seminar last week..

and the past 1-2 years due to my non-progress with ebay, i've even created 2 online-stores which are now in their finalising processes.. why should i now bother re-attempting opening an ebay-store..??

my eyes were caught by ebay-seller-starter-kit's tagline:
sell where the world goes shopping.. and as i was sharing my ebay-selling-tutorials with darling hubby after reaching home, i likened my 2 online stores as little shops with very limited customers in bukit beruntung.. whereas a store in ebay is like having a shop in busy & prominent KLCC..

now, does that mean being in ebay i'd not need to advertise/promote my store at all..??

i've considered blogging as one of the ways that i'd promote my little non-ebay online-stores.. i've even read and studied ways that i could attract more readers/visitors to my blog.. i've purchased and subscribed to popular money-making blogs both locally and beyond.. all these investments i made in pursuit of making business life easier for me..

but as i read more and more, i've made this discovery.. starting an ebay-business or any other online-business is actually very much the same as starting any conventional business, you'd still need to put a lot of effort, time and money for the first 2-5 years.. but definitely of course, with the business being on the net reaching the whole wide world, your online store/s would grow so much faster than those conventional shops..

with that in mind, let's re-look at my previous failed ebay-attempts,
here and here.. i'm also reminded of irfan-khairi's 36-tips which i'd re-publish here..


Kak Teh said...

CD, do you know, i read somewhere that with this credit crunch thingy that we are facing, people tend to buy online more. I think this is because, going out there to the shops might tempt yu to buy other things as well, whereas online, you just get what you want without getting distracted. So, go for it!
me, am no good in business. Tak pandai kira.

The Ceramic Designer said...

dear kak teh,
thank you for being my regular comment-er!! i'm now writing from sunway lagoon hotel coz the kids wanna have some fun the next 2days..

yeah i think i should juz complete this ebay-thing once and for all.. i pun bukannya pandai kira sangat.. kalau pandai, memang dah lama this ebay-store completed!! should have had plenty of sales the past 4yrs i'd been contemplating!!

Anonymous said...

Ask me about this, I think not everyone has the opportunity to get 'there'- you are 'choosen' and should go on, besides you can do it without distracting your family.
Take Care.

The Ceramic Designer said...

dear ruzlan,
thank you for visiting and leaving such nice and encouraging comments/words..

you're absolutely right actually.. everything is on the net and i'm mobile too, therefore this shouldn't distract my family life..

mmm.. now is the time to get my head cracking again..?? ;)