Tuesday, December 2, 2008

another month to tie-up any loose ends..??

i'm sitting here looking at my things-to-do list/s..
those lists have kept me sane the countless times that i got lost & confused..
those lists have gotten me back into focus the countless times that i went sidetracking..
those lists have helped me achieve whatever i've aimed to do..

oh how i cannot perform without my lists..
it's like driving but not knowing where is your destination..
akin to groping in the dark not knowing what you're supposed to be finding..
similar to reading & browsing the net without my glasses..

yes i'm in love with my lists..
so much so that one list is still ending and another already starting..
thinking that i've completed my tasks, not realizing more is to come..
thinking that only these that matter, but those could make a difference too..

so i listed what i'd like to achieve for the year 2008..
and continued re-listing, revising and expanding my resolutions..
eleven months passed by and now i find that my lists are still half-ticked..
different things achieved and some earlier ones don't matter after all..

guess it's now time to assess and analyse..
whether i've done good or whether i've strayed far..
who is the strongest of them all..??
my sanguine & passionate soul or my rational & level-headed mind..??

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