Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my furry, furry children..

tom @puan-tom @puan-tom-abang-saufi @permaisuri @latipah..
pebbles @batu @zubedah..

pumpkin @labu @rokiah..

puteh @abubakar..

scooby-doo @sulaiman..

mojo @mahmud..

mobi @biru @mustapha..

neng-neng @sheila.. & tam-tam @steven..


_deli said...

Banyaknya aliases - @. Agaknya better banyak nama than banyak anak (kucing. Soon akan terdirilah mahligai kucing, terapung atas swimming pool tu...
Kalau utk anjing kita panggil kennel, utk kucing apa ye? Takkan nak panggil reban? Oh! as I've said, mahligai.

Kak Teh said...

Salam CD, and selamat menyambut tahun baru!

Your putih reminds me of my arwah Jasper and felt a lump in my throat.

Bless you for looking after the strays. I have one not very well one at home..kissinger. I think dia nyanyuk.

The Ceramic Designer said...

hi hello deli & kakteh..
happy new year to you too..
sorry for the 2weeks absence from blogosphere..

our cat-house is simply called rumah-kucing..!!! constructed with tender loving care to include ceramic-rooftops, tinted poly-carbonated plastic walls, wooden rail-track-logs as benches!! ;)

all cats were lost & found strays.. all de-sexed to avoid multiplications.. but new strays kept coming around and we keep adding our collection!! ;)

people keep telling me the cats bring rezeki, mmm...